An Arts and Residency Center in Old Akko

Arabesque is a newly restored and renovated Ottoman building in the ancient city of Acre (Akko/Akka) on the northern Mediterranean coast of Israel.  The property is owned by the father-and-son team of EvanFallenberg (artistic director) and Micha Fallenberg (manager) and staffed by locals. 

Nearly 300 years old but with some stones dating back one thousand years to the Crusader period, Arabesque boasts a Great Hall with a baby grand piano and chef’s kitchen for events; a cozy courtyard with a trickling savil fountain; and three sumptuous suites all with high vaulted ceilings, original stone walls, tile floors, antique furniture, artwork, and all the amenities of a modern hotel room (TV, a/c, comfortable furnishings, a kitchenette). 

Arabesque is situated in the very middle of the Old City and is only a few minutes’ walk to the suk (market), the Crusader Knights’ Hall, the Templar Tunnel, the Al Jazzar Mosque, the Turkish bathhouse and all the other major tourist attractions.  Its central location also means that the experience of a stay at Arabesque is one of being a part of the community and not apart from it. 

Our Vision: While Arabesque is a charming and unique place to spend a few nights and days in Acre, it is much more than just a small boutique hotel.  It is our mission to have Arabesque serve the local community by making it a venue for cultural events; promote local talent, by hosting musical, literary, artistic and culinary events featuring local artists; welcome artists of all kinds from the city, the region and the world as they pursue artistic projects; and host private events of all kinds that promote dialogue through the arts.

The population of the Old City of Akko – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is mostly Muslim, but the project itself has been a labor of love shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.  At Arabesque we view art and culture as a unifying factor, even – or especially – in a region of contention like the Middle East.

 About Acre

Acre, once the capital of the Crusader kingdom, is today an international tourist city, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Conservation Site. Acre is the second most popular tourist city in Israel, after Jerusalem. The city offers its guests a colorful market with authentic smells of coffee and falafel, restaurants serving elaborate cuisine - an ancient tradition of a port city, museums, beautiful beaches and water sport facilities, a picturesque fishing port, a Marina and festivals that have become the cultural treasures of the whole country.

The main tourist sites include buildings and ruins from the Hellenistic, Ottoman and Crusader periods, among them: Mosque Al-Jazzar, the Order of St. John, the subterranean Crusader city and enchanted garden, the Khan al Omdan, Hamam Al Basha (Turkish bath-house), the Hospitaller fortress, the Templars Tunnel and others. There are unique museums such as the Underground Prisoners Museum, the Okashi Museum and the “Treasures in the walls” Museum - a center for Ethnography and Folklore of Acre and the Galilee. The city itself is a living museum offering special walks: a walk along the ancient stone walls surrounding the city, an outstanding remnant of its powerful military past; a walk following Napoleon's route; the Crusader track, as well as the Ottoman, Jewish or Bahai tracks. Even a peaceful wandering around the city’s narrow streets and alleys is a great delight in itself.